Why use Essential Oils UK and not foreign?

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Use of Essential Oils

Using these oils within the UK does not vary much from when using them in over countries, there are a few factors however that should be taken into consideration when selecting your oils. We know and believe in the use of essential oils uk so please read this article and maybe you will be a believer to!

They are normally better Quality when from the UK

If you are someone who has travelled a lot, or reads a lot you may have by now realised that products in the UK are generally better quality, and the reason for that is that we have stricter laws in the UK on which products can be imported. For example British Standards are in place for almost every industry group with in United Kingdom. British standards are made by governing sector boards. Each sector board is made up of lots of technical committees, and it is the committees that approve the British Standards.

Finding a British standard

You can find a standard by its title, it will almost always be titled British Standard XXXX[-P]:YYYY and that is the number of the standard. The standard is not normally shown in plain sight on a product, as to avoid ruining the aesthetic of a product, and can normally be found easily by tags or somewhere less aesthetically demanding on the product.

Why are they needed?

British standards are almost always necessary as most insurance companies will not be able to provide insurance for products, structures or policies that do not adhere to the British standard, therefore making the standards a important part of most businesses within the United Kingdom. Please be aware that we now have European Standards (EN) that can often supersede or even replace some British standards.

Our climate is colder

This one is often not considered when people think about the use of these products, but we generally have a colder climate in England  and surrounding countries. Having a colder climate does make us more ill on average than most countries but it also helps to keep products cold and cool, and ultimately stop them from ruining or spoiling as fast as they would if left out in a hotter climate. Given the chance, I think we would all choose a hotter climate.

We can use organic techniques instead of over-the-counter medicinal products

Ok so we talked about how we generally have more illnesses in the UK due to the weather, colds, flues, coughs and the sniffles. But luckily we can use Essential Oils to help try and combat these. When trying to battle against a cold, or flue; most of us will run straight to the pharmacy and throw money at them until they give us a solution which we think works. How many of us are guilty of spending up to £20 or even £30’s on cough medicines, lemsips, paracetamol, ibuprofen etc (I know I was before I discovered alternatives) of course I am not saying that medicines don’t work but how many people have searched for a healthier alternative? One might want to think about investing in an Aroma Oil Diffuser

The UK is home to some of the best Lavender and essential oils uk

England has some of the best lavender fields in the world, taking in the sight and smells of the British countryside is a favourite past time for a lot of local people, but also the tourism industry is rapidly growing for England’s country side, and we have no doubt that the beautiful lavender fields are partly to praise. They are more common in the Southeast of England, one example would be the Mayfield Lavender Farm (shown in the video below). This is probably one of the best farms in the south for showcasing lavender, supplying picturesque views and that oh so lovely lavender smell.

Finding lavender fields

It is also possible to find Northern England to find lavender fields, there are many in Yorkshire for example. A quick google will show up many different lavender fields if you are looking for places to visit. Luckily most of the places are visit able by public transport, if you are struggling to find places or are just looking for a better guide check out this web article by visit britain, it is very good and really informative for tourists.

Conclusion of using Essential Oils UK

So now we are onto the conclusion, get to the point you ask, is there a difference to using essential oils in the UK? Well obviously the answer is yes because of the reasons above. We highly recommend that you buy British when it comes to your Organic oil needs, firstly we have the British standards which all companies adhere by, secondly being a cold country we more likely to be ill which can help be prevented by using the substances, and thirdly our farms for different essential oils are not only good looking, they produce lovely organic items for us to enjoy. Maybe instead of running to the shop to buy a big cocktail of medicines, lotions and potions, try having a little study of what organic options are available especially.

Essential oils UK fields