Learning to diffuse with HANNAMAC

Diffusing oils is definitely the best way to get essential oils into your home atmosphere. Inhalation of essential oils can benefit our bodies amazingly.

So we assume you have now heard about the amazing benefits of essential oils, so the natural thing for you to do now is ask… How do I use them? Well we are here to help. And in this article we will be diving right into how to use an essential oil diffuser and then lastly some recipes on what to put in it.

How do I diffuse?

Simple answer, you need an Oil Diffuser, preferably good oil diffuser. Oil Diffusers by HANNAMAC are perfect for this use, some of the cheaper options from ebay etc may leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed.  HANNAMAC specialise in oil diffusion therefore you can be assured that the essential oil of your choice will introduced properly into the atmosphere.

I have an Oil Diffuser… now what?

Ok you have your oil diffuser set-up according to instructions and ready , you now need to fill it with the appropriate amount of water and start introducing essential oils into the water. Starting off with 2-3 drops of Oil is a good start, and then you can gauge if you want to use more later.

Blending Guidelines

We recommend that you do not try to mix or blend Oils which are already pre-blended, this can leave you with some bad smells and can interrupt the benefits of using the oil diffusers in the first place.

Be careful Selecting your Essential Oils

Diffusers break the essential oils in to particles and deliver then deliver that into your environment. We cannot stress enough that you need to be careful with which oils you decide to use. Yes you can find cheap oils on some online shops, markets etc… but you are going to be breathing in a cheap oil. We recommend that you use high quality oils available from HANNAMAC. You breathe what you buy, choose wisely.

Essential Oil Diffuser

External Sources for Learning how to Diffuse Oil

please find this external list of information on learning how to diffuse oils.

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