Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has made its way to skincare stand, hair products’ shelves, in yoga studios, and in alternative medicine clinics and now for use in Oil Diffusers. It is one of the oils that seems to find a home wherever and, that isn’t just because of its beautiful and soothing scent.

Lavender oil comes from the lavender plant. There are two types of lavender, the spike and the French lavender, both with therapeutic benefits.

This oil that was used in the mummification process and for aromatherapy and purification by the Romans has been shown to hold immense benefits. In this article, we shall explore some of the benefits of lavender oil.

Using Lavender with an Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Aromatherapy

This is the primary use of lavender essential oil. The oil’s fragrance promotes calmness and improves your wellbeing. It also relieves anxiety, stress, and pain. It could reduce the severity of the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Lavender for skin care

  1. Acne treatment

Whether you are dealing with acne at puberty, or you have adult acne, you might want to add lavender oil to your list of skin products to buy. Lavender oil possessed anti-inflammatory effects. It also has antibacterial properties, and it can fight the bacteria that cause acne, plus the associated inflammation.

You just need to dab lavender oil diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil after washing your skin. The oil prevents breakouts as well.

  1. Anti-aging and wrinkle prevention

Besides its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, lavender oil is full of antioxidants which protect the skin against free radicals. Free radicals are the primary cause of fine line and wrinkles, which cause premature aging. By adding an appropriate carrier oil like coconut oil, you will reduce the appearance of the fine lines, or prevent their formation completely.

  1. Treatment of eczema

Eczema is often an untreatable skin condition. While most medications fail to reverse or treat eczema, lavender oil can treat and reduce the symptoms of eczema by decongesting the irritated areas of the skin adding moisture and accelerating the healing process. It also treats psoriasis.

  1. Fungal infections on the skin

Other than the antibacterial effects, lavender oil also boasts strong antifungal effects. Lavender oil is effective in killing fungal infections and the resultant irritation.

Research shows that lavender oil is effective in the treatment of candida thanks to its fungistatic plus fungicidal effects.

  1. Better sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you can opt for lavender oil before looking for sleeping pills, and before lack of sufficient sleep makes you a moody and unproductive person.

The lavender essential oil is effective in inducing sleep hence its use in treating insomnia. You can add this essential oil into your essential oil diffuser to sleep better.  This oil has sleep-inducing effects in the elderly and the young.

Its effect on the autonomous nervous system is the main reason why lavender oils work efficiently in the management of insomnia – it regulates heart-rate variations.

  1. Management of stress and anxiety

Of all the uses of lavender oil, its soothing property ranks up high. The oil has a calming scent making it an excellent tonic for the nerve. It is, therefore, suitable for use in the treatment of nerve issues. Lavender essential oil has a refreshing aroma which cancels nervous exhaustion and increases mental activity.

As a result, the lavender essential oil has found use in the treatment and the management of emotional stress, migraines, headaches, nervous tension, anxiety, and depression.  Besides the decline in mental anxiety and stress, lavender oil increased cognitive function.

  1. Lavender oil for the hair

As mentioned above, lavender oil is a staple in hair products’ shelves. The oils have multiple helpful benefits, and it improves your hair’s health in the following ways.

It boosts hair growth: a flowing mane is the crowning glory of most women. While hair grows at different rates, you can speed up your hair growth process by using lavender oil. It is also useful if you are struggling with alopecia or baldness.

It is antimicrobial: by preventing microbes, lavender oil saves your hair and the scalp from issues like dandruff and itchy scalp.

Lavender essential oil is also useful in curbing skin inflammations. It also soothes and prevents lice.

The inflammatory effects of lavender oil help in curbing autoimmune diseases that cause the rejection of the hair follicles. The oil can prevent this.

  1. Pain relief

Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory effects, and it relaxes muscles from tension causing pain relief. As a result, lavender oil, alongside carrier oils, is used in the management of neuropathy, migraines and muscle tension.

Besides their anti-inflammatory effects, lavender oil has analgesic effects, and it offers pain relief.

  1. Treatment of respiratory disorders

For centuries, lavender oil has been used in the treatment and the management of various respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold, flu, laryngitis, sinus congestion, whooping cough, and tonsillitis. For relief, you can use the oil topically or in a diffuser.

The relief to respiratory diseases comes from the anti-inflammatory effects of the oils, as well as the stimulating effects of the oil that loosen up phlegm relieving congestion. It also has antibacterial effects that fight infections of the respiratory tract.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Lavender oil is effective in improving coronary circulation when inhaled with an Oil Diffuser, for example. It also lowers blood pressure hence its use in the treatment and management of hypertension. By enhancing coronary blood flow, lavender oil increases the level of oxygenation in the blood, promoting brain and muscle activity. In the process, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

The increase in the concentration of oxygenated blood leaves your skin looking bright as toxins and wastes get flushed out.

  1. Prevention of cancer

Research shows that lavender oil, in combination with other essential oils, prevents the occurrence of breast cancer. Lavender oil has carcinogenic effects.

  1. Better digestion

Lavender oil increases the mobility of food in the stomach and the intestines. It stimulates the production of bile and gastric juices treating indigestion, flatulence, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Other Uses

  1. Repelling bugs
  2. Healing of wounds
  3. Treatment of sunburns
  4. It is a great fragrance