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All orders are fulfilled on site at our UK office.

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UK – Next day

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Our returns policy is hassle free, we accept returns if you’re not happy with our product.



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We accept Debit and Credit cards via our payment provider, Stripe. We use a SSL security connection to protect your details, and we never store or have access to your debit or credit information.

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Our products are listed in pound sterling (£). But if paying by another currency, our payment service will automatically convert into your desired currency at market rate.


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Our parcels are shipping using Royal Mail or DPD. Other services may be used in the future.

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This depends on which delivery options you choose to use. Orders to the United Kingdom usually arrive within 1-2 days via Royal Mail first class, 1 day with special delivery and again 1 day with DPD 24

Can I track my order?

To track your order, please go to the My Account section and navigate to My Orders. You can track your parcel from here.

Why does it cost more to ship to outside of the UK?

Some of our products (some essential oils) are categorised as flammable. This comes under Hazard Materials, therefor they cost us more to send via Air Freight outside of the United Kingdom. It is illegal for us to send the goods without the proper packing and documentation.

Our Products

What is an Oil Diffuser?

An Oil Diffuser, also known as Essential Oil Diffuser or Aromatherapy Diffuser, is a device which mixes oils with water, creates steam and dispenses them in a refreshing fragrance which can fill a room or area with a pleasantness of your choice.

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing aromatic compounds deriving from plants. Essential oils are also known as aromatherapy oils, ethereal oils or can be listed as an Oil from the plant, for example Oil from Lavender. They have been used throughout history for their wide range of health & healing benefits, as well as for other things such as massage oils and fragrances.

Why choose an Oil Diffuser over traditional methods?

Do we really know what the chemicals in cheap room diffusers, plug-ins and room sprays do to the insides of our body? Oil diffusers give us the ability to take control and deliver a perfectly scented setting using organic oils mixed purely with water. There are also many beneficial properties  as listed further on the website.

How can a Oil Diffuser help me other than smelling nice?

Oil Diffusers have many benefits other than fragrance, using different types of oils, divided into categories as below

  • Relaxation and Sleep

Popular among people who practise yoga, mindfulness and meditation;  there is no doubt that oil diffusers can be one of the best sleep and relaxation aids. Helping with people who may want to avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs or there expensive herbal counterparts, it is vastly proven that having one on your office desk can help keep a clear mind and more importantly one on the bedside table will help your mind and body relax preparing you for a perfect night sleep.

Recommended oils: chamomile, lavender & clary sage

  • Mood Elevation

Oil Diffusers improve and calm your mood in your house, office or studio

There are many essential oils which can help with creating an energizing mood akin to the beautiful fragrance that is released. The diffuser can be used with a variety of oils when hosting dinner parties, office meetings or more intimately in a romantic atmosphere to elevate the mood of yourself and others. Not only will they love the smell but also benefit from the energizing effects of the oils.

Recommended oils: jasmine, rose, sweet orange, vanilla, sandalwood

  • Illness prevention

Oil diffusers are the perfect ally when it comes to illness prevention. They will ward off against cold, flu and other illnesses as many oils have healing and anti-microbial properties in them.  The organic vapour clouds formed by the diffuser will fight any airborne pathogens before they can invade your body, protecting you from potential illness. Essential oils delivered breathed into your body will also help boost your immune system, furthering your defences against these illnesses.

Recommended oils: tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, sage, rosemary

  • Easier Breathing

Oil diffusers are the perfect tool for helping us breathe easier and bigger by helping us clear our air ways. Not only do they double up as a humidifier they also can deliver essential oils into our system which will open up our airways and help us breathe better and clearer. They can also help with breathing easier if you have allergies, they will change the air in certain rooms that you may spend the most time in (e.g. your bedroom) aiding you for a better night sleep. This is massively advantageous for people with hay fever or mild pet allergies.

Recommended oils:  peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary

  • Clean and Safe Alternative to Candles and Incense

Is having a naked flame, hot wax or a burning incense stick safe when you have small children and pets running around your home? Simple answer is no, it is extremely high risk for your loved ones and your home. With the oil diffuser you can reap all the benefits without the worry of anyone or anything getting damaged.

  • Saves Money

Oil diffusers are brilliant at saving you money, the oil is far cheaper than the constant changing of plug-in diffusers, room sprays, candles and conventional diffusers. And the oil actually comes with therapeutic, healing and all the properties listed above as well ultimately leading to less unproductive days spent feeling ill in bed.