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Our signature, professional grade Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

  • What is an Oil Diffuser?

    Oil Diffuser’s use the latest ultrasonic technology that when conjoined with Essential Oils, create a serene and beneficial mist.

    They are used as a chemical-free way to improve the smell and atmosphere of a room,  as well as introducing essential oils into the air at the same time.

    • Disperse’s Essential Oils into your rooms atmosphere.
    • Makes your room smell great
    • Comes with remote control for cordless operation
    • Easily choose from SO MANY different colours to match your room, or leave it to cycle through all colours. Lush!
  • Safety

    All our Oil Diffusers are proven to be safe and a vast improvement on old methods. The technology they use means that the unit does not require heat to disperse the oil, this is far safer than the old school method of using a naked flame.

  • How can using an Oil Diffuser benefit me?

    Our Oil Diffusers are the latest technology in the Aromatherapy sector, what was once only available at a great expense is now available for everybody to enjoy.

    Oil Diffusers economically disperse essential oils into the atmosphere by fusing water and essential oils into a mist which is released into the home, office or studio atmosphere. Essential Oils are proven to provide a plethora of benefits and are endorsed by thousands of enthusiasts, luckily the introduction of oil diffusers now conveniently enables us to use them to there maximum potential.

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wood oil diffuser

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A smaller less powerful Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser ideal for smaller rooms

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A smaller more compact diffuser ideal for desktops.

Organic Essential Oils

Specifically designed for use with Ultrasonic Diffusers. Sourced from farms who with a emphasise ethical and sustainable practices.

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Lavender Oil

Calming, beautiful

essential oils uk

Frankincense Oil

The health boost

lemon essential oil uk

Lemon Oil

Purify and relief

chamomile essential oils uk

Chamomile Oil

Calms nerves and eases anxiety

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Eucalyptus Oil

Breathe easy

chamomile essential oils uk

Tea Trea Oil

The superstar of natural remedies


Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

When it comes to an Aroma essential oil diffuser UK shopping experience, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. If you are shopping for essential oils and oil diffusers for the first time in your life, the sheer range of options is going to stun you. In fact, you may find it difficult to figure out which oils are right for you. This doesn’t even get into the matter of shopping for the best possible oil diffuser.

There are a number of things that you are going to want to keep in mind. As you will soon discover, being a newcomer to the world of essential oils and diffusers is something that need not be stressful.

How To Shop For Oil Diffusers
In the same sense that different essential oils have different benefits, there are numerous diffusers that must be considered. Prices for an oil diffuser can range anywhere from a few pounds to considerably more. Is the most expensive diffuser the best one? Not necessarily, as far as your needs are concerned.

Organic Essential Oils are vital for Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

What Is An Essential Oil Diffuser?

It can help tremendously to know what you are shopping for, when it comes to oil diffuser UK shopping. To that end, understand that an oil diffuser is designed to utilize and release essential oils into the air. As you shop around your essential oil diffuser UK options, keep in mind that we are referring to an electrical device. This device will work at spreading the oil of your choice throughout the room of your choice. You can even find diffusers that can send the oils to various rooms at the same time. Keep in mind what you ultimately want to do with your oils, and where you plan to use them the most.


We will discuss the benefits of essential oils a little further down. For now, just understand that when used correctly, the oils will give off a very pleasing aroma. This is in addition to such benefits as helping you get some sleep, or helping you to relax when things are particularly stressful. Different oils have different uses and benefits!

What Are The Different Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers?

When it comes to essential oil diffuser UK shopping, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Just as there are different essential oils out there, so are there different types of essential oil diffusers, as well. Many people favor the ultrasonic oil diffuser, but there are other options out there.

A Ceramic oil diffuser works to evaporate and then disperse the oils of your choice. Simply add a drop or two to your ceramic diffuser. Most people use these diffusers for small spaces.

A reed diffuser will utilize rattan sticks. The small channels of these sticks make it easy for the oils to travel as necessary. This diffuser is particularly useful for lighter oils, and heavier oils may take a little longer to disperse properly.

An electric diffuser exposes the oils to air without using heat. A few drops will be added to pads or water. An electric fan will then be used to disperse the oils into the air.

A candle diffuser will use the heat of a candle. They are not ideal for therapeutic purposes. Keep in mind that the heat from one of these diffusers can change the chemical elements of your oil.
A nebulizer diffuser breaks down your oils into small molecules. While these molecules can be more easily absorbed, many people find cleaning a nebulizer to be an immensely frustrating experience.

Finally, we have ultrasonic oil diffusers. Using electronic frequencies, this oil diffuser type uses water, which allows them to also function as a humidifier during dryer points of the year. They also tend to be one of the most affordable options on the market.

Aroma Diffusers can vary from wicks to reed diffusers

Which Oil Diffuser Is Right For Me?

Aroma Diffusers can be used with an array of essential oils

At this point in your oil diffuser UK shopping experience, you are now in a pretty good position to pick the right kind of diffuser for your needs. Obviously, you will want to shop around a little bit. Consider what you are going to want, as you consider your essential oil diffuser UK options.

As we mentioned before, ultrasonic diffusers are particularly popular. This is largely due to their sturdiness, but people also like the ability to essentially boil water without actually using heat. This is an enormously effective way to benefit from everything essential oils have to offer. On the other hand, you may prefer something that deals in stronger scents. If that is the case, then you will want to consider the nebulizer. These diffusers vaporize and then release the oils. However, they are quite fragile. This can make them a little problematic for some.

Ultimately, our recommendation is to avoid the diffusers that use heat. This isn’t a big deal for those who just want an aroma for their home. However, if you are using a diffuser for therapeutic purposes, the heat can change the chemicals of the oils. This in turn can diminish their effectiveness.

Defining A Good Aroma Diffuser

As we mentioned before, the most expensive diffuser is not inherently the best one for your needs. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind with oil diffuser UK shopping. As you look for essential oil diffuser UK products, look for something that is going to be easy to clean. You should also make sure your diffuser is going to have a timer. This ensures your oil diffuser has the ability to release the proper amount of oil as needed. These increments can run for an hour, but they can also run for longer than that. You can cycle the diffuser for ten minutes to release the oils, and then have the diffuser cycle off for a period of ten minutes.

What you want is something that can scent your room in less than thirty minutes. Anything beyond that can lead to overexposure, which can cause your breathing passages to become irritated.

What Kind Of Essential Oils Should I Use with my Aroma Diffuser?

Essential oils can be used for a number of different purposes. From aromatherapy, to skin conditions, to anxiety, insomnia, or inflamed muscles, essential oil benefits abound. That is why it is particularly important to choose an oil that is right for your needs.

Furthermore, there are a number of studies which strongly point to the reality that an oil diffuser can be beneficial. As you shop around your oil diffuser UK possibilities, keep in mind that you are indeed shopping for something that can work well when used correctly.

Can’t sleep at night? Some of the oils you can try include sandalwood, chamomile, lavender, clary sage, rose, or marjoram. For something like anxiety, effective oils include vetiver, lemon, geranium, or orange. Cedar, juniper, pine, and grapefruit are all excellent oils for those who want to improve their concentration. If your essential oil diffuser UK needs run to oils for energy, consider things like peppermint or spearmint. Inflammation and skin problems can be dealt with using eucalyptus or wintergreen. Many essential oil fans are also pretty fond of German chamomile.

Keep in mind that we have only covered a few of your possibilities. There are tons of different oils on the market. Regardless of the specific type of oil diffuser you choose, you will be able to enjoy everything these oils have to offer. When it comes to shopping for essential oils, focus on things that you know you are going to need.

How Much Do I Need To Spend?

Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils

This is another element to the whole issue of meeting your essential oil diffuser UK needs. As we mentioned before, an oil diffuser can cost you anywhere from a few pounds to much more. Your oil diffuser UK shopping doesn’t have to focus on the most expensive models. Do your research carefully, comparing the various options to what you know you want to do with your oil diffuser. At the end of the day, you will probably spend somewhere in the middle of the price range for oil diffusers.

The more durable models are probably your best bet. This is particularly true for those who are using oil diffusers for the first time. To reiterate an earlier point, you certainly want something that is going to be easy enough to clean.

Oil Diffuser UK

A Few More Oil Diffuser Considerations

We’ve touched on a few of these considerations already. Nonetheless, let’s break everything down just a bit more. If you are serious about getting the best possible oil diffuser right out of the gate, there are several important things you are going to want to keep in mind. What we want to do then is show you how to best explore everything these products have to offer. That means comparing your specific needs to some of the considerations we are going to discuss in greater detail below:

Area of coverage: This refers to the amount of space which will be covered by whichever oils you are using with your oil diffuser. You don’t want to purchase one that is too small, if you are planning to use the oil for a large space. Diffusers can cover as little as 150 square feet, perfect for a small office, but you can find diffusers capable of covering as much as seven hundred square feet.

• Operation times: The operating times for different diffusers can vary from one product to the next. Some offer fixed operation times of roughly five hours, but there are also diffusers that have an operating time of up to twenty hours.

• Size and dimension: Diffusers can vary dramatically in size, as well. The right size for your needs will depend on how you plan to use it. Ask yourself if you plan to use the diffuser in several different rooms of your home or place of business. If that is the case, then you will probably want to shop for something that you can move from one space to the other with ease. Some people even purchase a diffuser that can be used while traveling.
• Reservoir sizes: The size of the reservoir can run from 1ml, all the way up to an impressive 260ml. Larger sizes mean you can add more water and oil. However, those models are obviously going to be a good deal bulkier. This is a major consideration with oil diffuser UK shopping.

• Weight: The heaviest ones are commonly found in places like spas and similar establishments. The lightest ones are going to weigh just a few ounces.

• Vapor: Look for a model that offers numerous vapor output options. This will allow you the best possible degree of control over how much oil you are releasing into your space.

• Noise: Obviously, the larger/bulkier essential oil diffuser UK options are going to make the most noise. If this doesn’t bother you, don’t worry about it. However, if you are looking for something that’s on the quiet side of things, you will want to make sure you buy something suitable to that end.

To conclude on our Essential Oil Diffusers UK

In addition to the oil diffuser itself, you are also going to find yourself with numerous options for accessories. These things can include glass covers, remote controls, replacement wicks, cartridges for easy refilling, atomizer tops, ambient lights, and much more. At the end of the day, these are not essential items, but they can enhance your overall experience. Remember that if you don’t purchase the right diffuser out the gate, none of those accessories are going to be very useful.

You should now have a solid idea of everything you need to do, in order to have the best oil diffusers experience possible. Whether you need one to help with some sore muscles, or if you want something that will allow you to sleep comfortably at night, you can find something. The oils are out there, to be sure. What you want to focus on then is finding the best oil diffuser UK resource available to you.